Litchfield  Hills 
Home  Care, Inc.
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   At Litchfield Hills Home Care, Inc., we take care to provide high-quality 
referral services personalized for each Client's unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. Our services may be provided in the Client's home, Assisted Living Community, Extended Care Facility or Hospital.   
We know  know how overwhelming it can be when you or a loved one are recuperating from 

     • a set back
     • an injury 
     • Or are adjusting to a life-changing condition.  

When you are not feeling up to your usual self, everyday activities such as shopping, meal preparation, laundry, daily chores, and tasks can be exhausting.  

Sometimes you may even need a little help with some of your personal needs.  

Since 1978 we have provided top quality supportive assistance helping clients to overcome many types of challenges. 

​ Our Care Providers attend to bathing, dressing, grooming, and care of one’s wardrobe to help foster the Client’s dignity and pride in their appearance.

Tasty, appealing well-balanced meals and snacks prepared by our Care Provider will help to improve the Client’s nutrition offsetting preventable weight loss.


Our Care Provider will give support improving mobility while helping to maintain a healthy daily routine and reducing the possibility of accidental injury due to falls.

Grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments and activities of all kinds are more safely achieved with a Care Provider to drive and assist the Client from door to door. 


Our Care Provider will help the Client to continue enjoying their friends, hobbies and social activities. The client will be assisted to religious services if so desired.


Changing and laundering bed linens, cleaning dishes, pots, and pans, dusting and vacuuming, collecting and recycling the recyclables are among the tasks efficiently managed by our Care Provider. 

We are devoted to the concept of providing humane & compassionate care for people.  

Our  Care Providers are a select group and  work cooperatively with local VNS & Hospice Services.  

 Illustrations by Ella Crampton of Litchfield Connecticut